Reframing everyday life with chronic kidney disease

Take control of your CKD journey

KAREL is a free app that gives you the tools you need to manage everyday life, regardless of where you are on your CKD journey.

Download the patient app

Get remote monitoring support for CKD outside the clinic.

My bloods

Save your blood results so you can see how you are tracking over time.

My symptoms

Track the symptoms you experience most frequently and the treatments that help.

My weight

Stay focused on your overall health by tracking changes in your weight.

My fluids

Keep track of how much you drink to manage restrictions and remain hydrated.

My blood pressure

Track your blood pressure to build a picture that describes what normal BP is for you.

My dialysis

Digitise your treatments for a clear vision of your dialysis trends.


Look after your mental wellbeing.

My feelings

Track and visualise emotional trends that frequently affect you.

My CKD news

Stay up to date with patient-friendly CKD news curated from trusted sources.

My community

Join the conversation with other people going through their CKD journey.

My data

Control what data you share with simple permission switches.


Make managing CKD feel less like a full-time job.

My medication

List, track, and set reminders to take and refill any medications you need.

My appointments

Get organised for appointments with custom reminders and CKD-specific checklists.

My kidney snapshot

Build a personalised snapshot to share with clinicians at the tap of a button.

My reminders

Help reinforce positive behaviours for the parts of CKD that matter to you.

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